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Add Accountant Access to your QuickBooks Online file


Login to your QuickBooks Online file from a computer (not mobile device). Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner, then select Manage Users. Click the Accounting firms tab, then the green Invite button. Use the email address provided to you for the QBO invite.

Provide "View Only" Bank Account Access to Your Accountant


Most major banks now allow you to provide your accountant/bookkeeper with their own login and credentials to your bank account online. This means the accountant can see statements, check images, and deposit images, but CANNOT make transactions or transfers, pay bills, or move money in any way.

Choose your bank below for instructions on granting "View Only" access. If your financial institution is not listed or does not match your specific type of account, call them directly to find out what options you have.

  • American Express (credit card)
    You can add or modify user privileges by going to Account Services > Manage Other Users > Add or Remove Account Managers.
  • Bank of America
    Your online banking account must include Account Management to create an individual access level and allow an accountant view access. (Note: this feature also allows you to connect QuickBooks to your account for real-time synchronization of transactions between the bank and your accounting software!)
  • Capital One
    You will need to use their Treasury Management feature to limit your accountant's viewing access.
  • Chase Bank
    Access this feature using the Chase Access & Security Manager by signing into your account, then choose "Account Management". Select "Acess & Security Manager" from the menu, then chose the option to "Add New User". Complete the required fields, choose accounts, and asign access level.
  • Fidelity Investments
    You have one of four permissions with Fidelity that include Inquiry, Limited, Full, or POA. The Inquiry access will limit privileges to view-only access so your accountant can see balances and tax forms.
  • PayPal
    Only business accounts in PayPal can provide access to additional users. Limit access for the user by navigating to Accounts & Security > Account Access, select Update under the Manage Users section, choose Add User, and complete the information and choose access options.
  • PNC Bank
    Offered under PNC Bank's Cash Flow Insight service.
  • Regions Bank
    Login to your account and go to "People and Permissions" to create a limited view-only access user for your accountant.
  • Seacoast Bank
    Create multiple users with varying account access and capabilities while offering the ability to restrict access appropriately.
  • TD Bank
    You can setup users and control & assign roles that defind their ability to view and access accounts. Login to Online Banking and go to the "Users & Access" section.
  • Truist Bank
    Use Truist's Online management options to create a view-only access user for your accountant or check with your branch representative to learn more.
  • Wells Fargo
    Set up a view-only user for your accountant by using Wells Fargo's Account Access Manager. Click on Manage Access > Account Access Manager > Guest Users, then click the Add New User button.
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